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Ship Your Recycling Material to Miami Valley Recycling

Not every recycling company accepts the variety of materials or pays as well as Miami Valley Recycling. If your local recycling company is not working out for you, you can ship your recyclable material to us. 

Get The Best Return For Shipping Your Recycled Material

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Let's face it; you don't want to send garbage through a shipping service! If the shipping costs more than what's inside the box, it obviously doesn't make sense to do it. Here are some things to consider to avoid this trap.


The shipping container must be able to withstand the shipping process. If shipping heavy components, consider using wooded, box freight material. While this is more expensive, it will ensure that your shipment gets to its destination. This should be a factor in determining if you should be shipping your recycling waste to a recycling company.

The Content Value

The content value needs to be greater than the cost of shipping. Call us before you ship, and we can help you determine the value of your recycling waste before you spend the time packing and shipping it. Some companies are ok with a breakeven cost. They get rid of the recycled waste, and the material's value offsets the shipping cost. 

Types of Content

The content to be shipped must not include any hazardous materials. That includes flammables and things like used batteries. Also, no liquids or oils. Not only are those things hazardous, but they also add to the shipping weight and offer very little return. The best things to ship include old computer components and equipment, circuit boards, and any precious metal item. Call ahead to determine if what you want to ship will be worth it.


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