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Welcome to Miami Valley Recycling! We are your go-to solution for all your recycling needs in Dayton, Ohio. Our single, convenient location makes it easy to drop off your recyclable metals.

At Miami Valley Recycling, we are committed to providing you with fair and convenient recycling services. We gladly buy recyclable metals and ensure that the process is quick and hassle-free. Our certified scales and friendly staff will make your visit a pleasant experience.

We take pride in offering nationwide recycling solutions to our valued customers. With all the necessary equipment on-site, we can handle any size of scrap metal load. By choosing Miami Valley Recycling, you are doing your part to ensure that no recyclable metals end up in a landfill.

Trust us to process all recyclable materials appropriately and efficiently on-site. Contact us today and we'll work together to make the world a better place through responsible recycling (and pocketing some cash in the process).

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Metal Recycling 101

In today's world, sustainability and environmental responsibility are more important than ever. Metal recycling is essential to this effort, as it helps reduce waste in landfills and conserves natural resources. At Miami Valley Metal Recycling Centre, we are committed to providing comprehensive metal recycling services to our community's individuals, businesses, and industries. Let's explore the benefits of metal recycling, the process of recycling metal, the types of metal for recycling, and how you can participate in this crucial effort. Join us as we dive into the world of metal recycling and learn how you can positively impact the planet.

Benefits of Metal Recycling | Why Recycle Metal

in Reducing Landfill Conservation Environmental Impact Energy Savings Economic Impact

You might think that metal recycling is a quick way to get some cash! And, you'd be right! But that's not the only benefit!

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Different Types of Scrap Metals

in Ferrous Metals Non-Ferrous Metals Home Scrap Prompt Scrap Obsolete Scrap

Understanding the types of metals being recycled is important when it comes to metal recycling. There are two main categories of metals: ferrous and non-ferrous. Knowing the distinction between these two categories can help the sorting and recycling process.

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The Metal Recycling Process

in Metals We Accept Sorting Scrap Metal Process Scrap Metal Scrap Metal Melting Scrap Metal Purification Scrap Metal Solidification

Visit any scrap yard and you'll see similar processes happening. Much you won't see. Scrap metal recycling is a process of sorting, processing, melting, purifying, and solidifying. A lot goes on behind the scenes.

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